Madalyn Ruggiero is a Toledo, Ohio based freelance photographer. A graduate of Bowling Green State University with a B.F.A in Fine Arts, Ruggiero currently shoots for a variety of print outlets including the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and the AP.

Ruggiero, a long time Dorthea Lange follower, aims to show the human side of her subjects. Her goal is to treat every assignment with respect and to present readers with images that challenge the eye and tell a vivid story.

Ruggiero's career has included a staff photographer position with the Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and a stint as a freelancer with the Morning Call in Allentown, Pa. A return to Ohio led to a photo desk and temporary photographer position with The (Toledo) Blade.

Most of Ruggiero's current work can be seen on the pages of the Detroit daily newspapers. However, she's been busy covering assignments for the Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, Washington Post and The New York Times.

Available for a variety of assignments, please contact Ruggiero via email at: madalyn@madalynruggiero.com.





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